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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Missing Friends :(

Like they say "Distance makes the hearts grow fonder"
Oh, how i miss being around good friends 24 hrs a day, didnt really make such a difference then, at some point of time, i guess i took it for granted, but now i even cherish even 5 minutes of a good conversation with them for days on end.
Its really amazing how much difference one good friend can make in your life. I am at a stage in life, where its just work work and some more work, now the work here includes daily household chores as well. It just leaves you with very little time to socialize, and it makes me realize how difficult it is to get hold even one good friend, whom you can just talk to, ramble on about you silly worries, or just share a stupid joke with.
I remember the times, when we were a bunch of friends together, all in the same company, and though each of us were very different in our individual mindsets, our wavelength matched so well, it was so easy to understand each others eccentricities, each others problems or arguments. We could sit hours at a time, discussing about a brand of jeans, or a particular algorithm, or a new movie. No one needed to stop to think, what the others with think if i said something, the understanding was so mutual, so inbuilt, almost as if we were all tuned to each other.
And now, that i have relocated, i felt, sure i can have friends like that again, but its never quite the same. The new people, may be more intelligent, or may have a better sense of humour, but they can never give you that level of emotional security.
I was out in Diveagar with a bunch of friends, when i had realized, that with best friends, you can just sit staring at the beach, for hours on end, without speaking a word, and still go back feeling like it was the best conversation of your life!!!

The worst part about missing friends, is not just being away from them, but the worry.. that will those moments ever happen again??


Blogger OVER-the-TOP said...

I could very well sense that you are suffering from Nostalgia. This is common I suppose. Over the period, you will form lot of friends here. Try to invite your old friends here and host a party and send them back. You too can go there, make some noise and return back. :)

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Sameer said...

We miss you too, Umaima. And feel really helpless that nothing can get back those awesome days...

1:50 PM  
Blogger Mrunal Gawade said...

This is the case with most of us Umaima. We all feel void left by those great days which everyone of us shared in different ways. I can understand the days in codito which u all shared. i wish they come back.


12:32 AM  
Anonymous Martina said...

Interesting to know.

7:47 AM  

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