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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

AWSome Event!

Yesterday I attended quite an interesting event, the AWS(Amazon Web Services) Chennai Users' Meet. It indeed was AWSome.

Jinesh Varia, the AWS Technical Evangelist gave a fantastic know-how in anything and everything you might wanna know on Amazon Web Services. It was a whirlwind session, with too many good questions coming from the crowd, and too little time to ponder over and answer each.

I left there with a little knowledge on Hadoop, Amazon MTurk, EC2 and S3.

I am itching to create an account and try more of this cool new, disruptive technology!

Especially after seeing a nice website called nboomi.com.. which actually helps you visualize and customize your dream home right on your desktop! Of course you have to pay to do it, but it helps you leave absolutely nothing to your imagination.

Boxcloud, is another cool app, which also uses Amazon S3 and EC2. Try it out..its fun!


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