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Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear Dad

It was exactly on this day, last year when my world changed for good. I spent the morning sleeping, blissfully unaware of the conversations Abu and my father in law were having. The day started late, after a night of fitful sleep. I went to office, all set to get my self in order to bid my adieus the next day. My evening was spent at a social event, where the whole time I was only thinking if I am dressed right or am not looking too fat in the dress despite being 9 months pregnant. I did not even take a hint when Abu left in the middle of the day for Pune, absolutely unannounced.
How I wish I could have been there for you. Why do I keep feeling like things would have been different if I were there. If I could have spoken to you, or seen you smile and tell me that everything will be alright.
I dont even want to think about the last time I saw you, or the last words we spoke to each other, because it still hurts. If I had known that the last time was indeed the last time, I dont know what I would have done.
Oh well, bygones be bygones.. I just hope that you are looking at me from the heavens with the same pride that you used to when I was a child. That you are still watching over me, and now your grandson.
Life will never be complete without you.
I love you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything which seems to be the end in life is actually not the end. You have everything in your heart that you can remember about the fond memories of your dad. Missing someone so dear is pain, but we dont have a choice in this world. My wishes and prayers for your happiness.

6:42 AM  

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