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Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Today was alright, went to an aerobics class.. realized I have like zero stamina..
But the class was also really dull and boring.. the instructor was busy texting away on her mobile, while all us baby-elephants were trying to count and follow her instructions..

It didnt feel like a group activity at all.. Was really regretting having wasted my free time while Abiali was at school.. I could have come back home and continued with my decluttering.. which now I am too tired to do!

But before I could catch a breath after getting Abiali bathed and fed, Abu showed up, telling me to go with him to check out some lawns.. I wanted to be involved too, because this was going to be the venue for the banquet dinner, and it was after all my suggestion. So I just got out of my sweaty aerobics clothes, changed into fresh ones, sprayed some deo, and grabbed Abiali for a long drive!

It was fun.. got to meet new people, check out new areas of Nashik that I have never ventured into! Abiali got to play in yet another lawn, and spoil all of his clothes and entire body in mud!


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