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Friday, June 29, 2007


Read an interesting book... Spouse (the truth about marriage), by Shobha De. Well yes :) , I cant believe it myself that I actually picked up this book from the whole lot at my library, but just thought of giving it a shot. So far to me Shobha, was always one of those over-hyped, ultra modern kinda writers and I never really gave any news or articles about her a great thought. Maybe thats what I was so amazed by the common sense that she portrayed in her writing in Spouse.
She describes marriage as an adventure, about how if you learn to evolve(mind it evolve.. not necessarily adapt) , marriage can work wonders towards even your own individuality. A lot of educated, financially independent, over-intellegent people I come across these days, seem to lack this basic "common sense". Instant solutions/fixes vs. Long standing patience and understanding.. Thats what she talks about
I think there comes a time in every married couples life, where they mentally start numbering all the compromises/sacrifices that they had to make, either on account of in-laws, or partners or children .. which sure enuf happend with me too... but all that seemed so trivial after having read this book... All of a sudden I was like.. oh well "big deal".. changed my perspective a great deal...

Read it if you can spare the time.. or for all guys.. if you need something to put you to sleep :)