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Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Started with the intention of blogging everyday, and back after such a long break!!

Had to go to Pune! Mom came here with a car and driver to chauffeur me and my brat to Pune, so that we could be a part of the Milad-Un-Nabi celebrations with Syedna.
It was a hectic trip, what with Abiali refusing to eat or sleep, but overall it was good. Got to reconnect with Mom and lots of other people. Saw my brand new nephew Taher!

We had to travel to bombay on Sunday for a wedding.. It was not just a wedding it was the baap of all weddings! The stage and the canopy was designed by none another than The Nitin Desai! It was beautiful, serene and festive!

After getting back I really haven't gotten much ahead on my decluttering project, but atleast ticked one thing off my todo list, starting homeopathy for Abiali's recurring cough and colds!

Inshaallah with a healthier baby, things will fall faster into place!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Today was alright, went to an aerobics class.. realized I have like zero stamina..
But the class was also really dull and boring.. the instructor was busy texting away on her mobile, while all us baby-elephants were trying to count and follow her instructions..

It didnt feel like a group activity at all.. Was really regretting having wasted my free time while Abiali was at school.. I could have come back home and continued with my decluttering.. which now I am too tired to do!

But before I could catch a breath after getting Abiali bathed and fed, Abu showed up, telling me to go with him to check out some lawns.. I wanted to be involved too, because this was going to be the venue for the banquet dinner, and it was after all my suggestion. So I just got out of my sweaty aerobics clothes, changed into fresh ones, sprayed some deo, and grabbed Abiali for a long drive!

It was fun.. got to meet new people, check out new areas of Nashik that I have never ventured into! Abiali got to play in yet another lawn, and spoil all of his clothes and entire body in mud!